> Tradition & Experience
Safi means Pure, and just as our heritage suggestions we endeavour to create food which is authentic, simple, natural, healthy, organic and homemade without compromising taste and flavour.

The Safi family comes equipped with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the café industry. Café Safi is the first signature store named after Owner/Operators Eddie and Pierre. They are brothers who have worked together to establish a number of successful café’s around Melbourne, including Exchange Gourmet, New York deli and be-HIVE café/bar/lounge. They are influenced by their Middle Eastern background using traditional herbs and spices. The food will be full of bold flavours which will always have you coming back for more. Their strong family values will be seen in their exceptionally high quality customer service, you will quickly be part of the family too.

“The Safi Family are passionate about food and continue to challenge themselves to offer their customers food that is modern, innovative, fresh, healthy and most importantly high quality.”